our story

“I connected to every opportunity for empowerment and wellness. I sought nothing less than an extraordinary life.”

Augusto D Mello

The Journey

In 1998, a life-changing breakdown led me from a career in advertising to an inner journey of self-exploration and discovery. I found inspiration in a poem called The Race and was reminded that through the ups and downs of life, all you have to do to win is rise every time you fall.

From there grew this unwavering idea of building a life that felt extraordinary to me now, so I went on to seek remarkable experiences and turn the seemingly small and ordinary things into extraordinary ones.

In 2008 I was invited by the leading charitable organisation Rethink, to join a training team as an Expert by Experience speaker in mental health and recovery. The goal was to address service providers, medical students, service users and contribute to the improvement of service provision by bringing a real-life perspective into the equation. Later, as Transformation Consultant for the social care provider Look Ahead, I contributed to the creation of Personalisation, Co-Production and Empowerment for the non-profit sector, and was a member of the Westminster Mind Executive Committee for strategic planning and definition of policies. More recently, I engaged with the study and practice of positive psychology and happiness.


Today, I feel strongly that keeping good mental health, happiness and wellbeing are skills that can be learned and taught. They are the foundation for positive social change and for individuals to reduce stress, thrive, be enthusiastic, productive, creative and inspiring.