Our vision comes into play through the expertise and experience of a unique pool of talents.

    Augusto D. Mello

    Augusto is a well-regarded consultant, facilitator and speaker both in the UK and internationally, with 10+ years' experience. With a background in social communication, Augusto has developed a highly engaging storytelling approach to... 


    Tania Leoni

    Tania has a background in marketing and supports the integration of practices for sustainable good mental health in a society that promotes wellness. She structured Seed of Change from concept to launch and developed the website... 


    Alex Langridge

    Alex is an expert in mental health and employment. Her professional background is in health and safety, where she developed a particular interest in managing work-related stress. She has delivered empowering programmes including Managing Mental Health at Work...


    David Robinson

    David is an experienced consultant and coach in mental health & wellbeing, a mindfulness workshop facilitator, Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, Integral Eye Movement therapy practitioner and Integral Eye Movement therapy...


    Jane Garnham

    Jane has 25+ years' consultancy and coaching experience in organisational development & management, specialising in housing and support, mental health, recovery and co-production. She is a highly skilled Action Learning facilitator...


    Vernon Alexis

    Vernon has 10 years' coaching experience promoting health and wellbeing, holding several qualifications in Advice & Guidance as well as fitness. He specialises in the social sector, having set up events and training programmes that assisted clients of charitable...