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Our bespoke programmes create the conditions for positive change to take place and guide the action.

positive mental health

Be Well, Stay Well

Purposefully taking steps for a healthy mind is key to promote good mood, resilience, productivity and creativity, while preventing absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace. 

Mind Set To Grow

Mindsets are belief systems that can be changed to develop a more positive mental attitude, motivation, drive achievement and harness promoter factors of optimum mental health.

Learn expert life skills from trainers who trained senior management and staff of leading charitable and public organisations in mental health and the private sector in the UK and internationally.

positive mental health

Mental Health First Aid

Create a proactive culture to good mental health. Learn skills to recognise signs and support  someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue.

A Holistic Road To Recovery

A holistic approach that looks at the individual, their context, connection with others, their environment and the world.


Learn skills and create mindsets to allow for transformational outcomes

that meaningfully integrates individuals affected by mental ill-health

and is conducive to a life that is no less than extraordinary.

the recovery process

Action Learning

Aimed at individual, group and organisational learning, it involves presentation skills, project planning, diagnostic work, creative thinking and action planning, in support of a change process.

Coaching & Facilitation

Coaching is a powerful tool for management & leadership development. It unlocks the potential of individuals, increasing their effectiveness and fulfilment.

Working in partnership, we facilitate team and strategic reviews to support and challenge processes and participants, bringing clarity of vision to the review process.

empowerment & leadership



Mindfulness is the practice of 

bringing awareness to the thoughts, emotions and senses that are being experienced in the present moment, without judgment. It helps to connect, focus and restore balance and wellness to individuals and the world around them.

Sound Immersion

Sound immersion is a balancing experience into the resonance and meditative effect of gongs. The vibrational energy of the sound helps still the mind and produce deep physical relaxation. The harmonic frequency is a catalyst for energy re-alignment and can have a profound transformational effect. 


Access Happiness

Explore what makes for a happy and meaningful work and personal life .

Tune in and draw on the power of connection to what really matters, with a practical action plan and toolkit.

Laughter Yoga

We all know that laughter has many healing benefits, hence the popular phrase "laughter is the best medicine".

Laughter yoga is a practice that uses a technique to intentionally produce laughter and promote wellness. Mixing laughter exercises, yogic breathing and meditation, laughter yoga instantly triggers the release of endorphins and decreases stress hormones.